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We take our environmental responsibilities seriously

Garlich places a strong, deliberate focus on environmental stewardship, and we are committed to maintaining the highest environmental standards in our industry.  We were one ofthe first to become Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified by the Rainforest Alliance.  This certification guarantees that Garlich’s work processes handle paper used for printing from a responsibly managed forest in a manner that faithfully maintains the identity of the paper through to the end product. The FSC is an international organization that brings people together and sets standards to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests. Focusing on environmental, social and economic aspects of responsible forest management has resulted in 90 million hectares of forests in more than 82 countries becoming certified. 

Our commitment to obtaining FSC certification is just one example of Garlich’s dedication to conserving the environment. Garlich also recycles almost everything we use at Garlich, including: solvent, paper cuttings, plastic and plastic sheeting, printing blankets and blanket bars, corrugated/cartons and aluminum press plates. Additionally, all of our presses are equipped with the Accel Sentinel Ink Management System, which maximizes the reduction of ink waste and acts as a quality enhancement in color control. And, we’ve reduced VOCs by more than 50 percent since 2000 and have completely eliminated methylene chloride from our solvents.

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