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Garlich Printing Company – Equipment List 2022-2023


(4) Apple iMac Workstations:

Page assembly and photo retouching workstations, accessing Prinergy workflow software and industry standard desktop publishing applications

Kodak Prinergy 9.0 - 9.5:

•PDF production workflow for processing, trapping, imposition and output to multiple types of devices  

Kodak InSite 9.1:

•Remote soft proofing workflow allows job tracking and proof approval from any web-enabled computer to move jobs through production faster

Canon Pro-4000S ImpoProof:

•This generates our proofs of content and imposition.  Imposition color proof for binding and finishing, utilizing 2 Canon Pro-4000S printers. 

• Maximum image size: 40-5/32   ˝x  47-15/64˝ 

Epson SureColor P9900 with 10-color UltraChrome ink technology:

•The 44-inch SureColor P9000 printer is the worthy successor to the revered Epson Stylus Pro 900 Series.

•Designed for professional proofing it incorporates the latest imaging technologies – including an exotic Epson PrecisionCore® TFP® print head,
along with their unique Epson UltraChrome® HDX ten-color pigmented ink set. 

• Also includes the Epson SpectroProofer, in-line spectrophotometer. Max. image size: 41˝x 58˝

Epson Stylus Pro 9900 with 10-color UltraChrome ink technology:

•An ink jet proofing system for contract color proofs. The associated ORIS Color Tuner software allows for accurate color reproduction, including many spot colors, using GRACoL profiles. 

• In-line X-Rite Spectroproof spectrophotometer ensures color accuracy. Max. image size: 41˝x 58˝

Fuji PlateRite 8600N-Z:

•8-up format, 2400dpi thermal platesetting device. Auto-loader with 3 cassettes holding 2 different sizes of Fuji thermal plates. In-line conveyer, processor and plate stacker.

• Max. image size: 30˝x 40  ˝

Staccato® Stochastic Screening:

•Produces high-fidelity, artifact-free images of exceptional detail without halftone rosettes, screening moiré, gray-level limitations or abrupt jumps in tone



Heidelberg CD102S + LX 6-Color Presses with Aqueous Coaters

  Maximum sheet size 28.375˝x 40.125˝ Up to 36 pt. board

  Equipped with Accel Sentinel Ink Management System

  Maximum run speeds 13,000 I.P.H. and 15,000 I.P.H.

Heidelberg CD102S+LX 6-Color Hybrid U.V. Press with U.V./Aqueous Coater

  Prints U.V. as well as conventional offset lithography

  Maximum sheet size 28.375˝x 40.125˝ Up to 36 pt. board

  Equipped with Accel Sentinel Ink Management System

  Maximum run speed 15,000 I.P.H.

Heidelberg SM52 5-Color Press with Aqueous Coater

  Maximum sheet size 14.5635˝x 20.5˝ Up to 12 pt. board

  Equipped with Accel Sentinel Ink Management System

  Maximum run speed 15,000 I.P.H.

Albo AS 1800 AP-VP Hydraulic Skid Turner/Aerator

  Jogs and flips 7,000 lb. skid of stock

  Air nozzles to blow spray powder & cutter dust out of stock


(2) Stahl TF-66 Folders

  Continuous feed

  Maximum sheet size 26˝x 40˝

  Equipped with Roto-Crease and Tri-Crease scoring systems

  Equipped for closed-gate folding

Stahl T-50 Folder

  Pile feed

  Maximum sheet size 19.5˝x 33˝

B-14Micro Folder

  Pile feed

  Max sheet size 14˝x 20˝

Heidelberg ST-400 Saddle Stitcher

  6 pockets plus cover feeder

  3/4/5/ knife trim kit and inline punch

  Z- fold attachment

Sanwa TRP-1060 Automatic Platen Die Cutter

  Maximum sheet size 29.13˝ x 41.73˝

  Run speeds to 7,000 sheets per hour

  Sheet caliper range .004˝to .060˝

Heidelberg SBG Die-Cutter

  Maximum sheet size 22˝x 30.25˝

PMC High Die - Die-Cutter

  Maximum sheet size 7˝x 7˝

  Min Cut size 1˝x 1˝

BUSCH High Die- Die-Cutter

  Maximum sheet size 8.5˝x 10.25˝

  Min Cut size 3/8˝x 3/8˝


GMS Microglue 14-202 Hot Melt Glue System

  6-head fugitive glue system, runs in-line with any of our folders.

2 - Polar 137 54˝ Cutter with Transomat Robotic Stacker

  Equipped with Auto-trim, joggers and air removal rollers

Polar 92 MON (36˝) Programmable Cutting System with lift and jogger Kansa Series 3 2824 Automatic Padder

  Maximum pad size 28˝x 24˝/ Minimum pad size 2˝x 2˝

  Maximum pad thickness 1˝

Stahl TI-52 continuous feed folder

Stahl STA-41F miniature stacker

CRF-362 Pile feed creaser / folder

  Maximum 14.33 x 34.0 / Minimum 4.14 x 7.09

Vacuumatic Mark VI Sheet Counter/Tabber

  1,500 sheets per minute counting and tabbing

Straub T646-43 Tape Application System

  Equipped with 4 heads for application of pressure sensitive tape

2 – Texwrap Shrink wrap Machines

  Inline shrink-wrapping capabilities

  Max package size 14˝w x 20˝  l x 5˝ h

Kluge Omnifold Folder / Gluer

• pocket folders, table tents

• 3 glue heads

• Max sheet size: 30˝x 32˝

• Min sheet size: 4.75˝x 3.75˝

Crathern Mounter

• Max sheet size: 40˝x 28˝

• Min sheet size: 8.5˝x 11˝

2 – Lawson 5-hole drill

Interlake S3A-7/8 Manual Saddle stitcher

Digital Solutions:

(2) Apple iMac Workstations:

•  Page assembly and data merge workstations with FusionPro VDP Creator and FusionPro Expression for variable data and imagery

HP 7900 Digital Press

  4-color process + 2 colors.

  Maximum sheet size 13˝x 19˝

  Stock caliper range – .003˝ to .022˝

  Equipped with HP Opaque White Ink Kit & Metallics

Formax ColorMaxT4 Digital Color Multi-media Envelope Printer

  Minimum sheet size 3” x 5”

  Maximum sheet size 13˝x 52˝

  Maximum thickness 360 gsm

BCC Mail Manager Software and NCOA Software

Fusion Pro – Variable Data Merge System

Expressions – Variable Imaging

Dynaric D2100 strapping system

Buskro BK71BR and Buskro BK602 Ink-Jet Systems

Buskro BK703A Tabber

Phillipsburg Master Mailer Inserter

  6-pocket with large book option

  Stream feeder for 7th pocket option

  Maximum envelope size 9˝x 12˝; Maximum insert size 8.5˝x 11˝

Phillipsburg Inserter

  6-pocket inserter with in-line flat sheet collator

  Stream feeder for 7th pocket option

  Maximum envelope size 9.5˝ x 6.25˝; Maximum insert size 9˝x 6˝

Fullfillment Services:

Texwrap 2219 Shrink-wrap Machine 

Lantech Q-300 X7 Auto skid wrapper

GSE 350 Scale

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