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Web-to-Print: Custom solutions built daily for your business

  • What is Web-to-Print good for?

    • maintain brand control

    • combine with print-on-demand to minimize inventory and track it

    • streamlining complex back-end billing & accounting


  • What is Web-to-Print at Garlich Printing Company?

    We define Web-to-Print broadly: not only does it include creating secure web-portals for conducting e-commerce, uploading jobs, or viewing and reviewing proofs but also automating business processes. Maximizing this flexibility, we have developed artificial intelligence (A.I.) systems to process any web-based, file-based or email-based way you communicate orders and information.


    This strength and flexibility allows our customers to integrate their existing systems with ours with a minimum of fuss. As a simple example, we process orders for business cards and print collateral from customer supplied orders based on output from PDF-forms, structured text documents, or simple e-mails sent to our A.I. system. As an example, we have set-up customers to send an email to an address that kicks-off a robotic process that reads the email, pulls out the important information such as the type of items, quantity and delivery and route the processing of the item all the way through to generating work orders and sending out communication to the service reps involved, keeping them informed of the activity.


  • What products do you offer in Web-to-Print?

    Not every project or every product is a good fit for web-to-print, so we focus on print collateral material (brochures, manuals, training material) and items that benefit from variable data (business cards, letterhead, envelopes, postcards). Additionally, these items also benefit most from the image and brand control that centralizing ordering and manufacture facilitates.


  • What Differentiates Garlich Printing as a Provider of Digital Solutions?

    • We focus on the quality of the finished piece…

    We have developed a proprietary variable composition engine using Adobe’s InDesign for maximum control over every aspect of composition. After struggling with the fast, but very poor quality of dynamic composition that many systems use, we developed our own enhanced A.I. platform to tear through composition tasks. Foreign characters? No problem! Make all the “®” characters 6pt superscript but the rest of the text 9.5pt? No problem! Off the shelf solutions are simply not up to the tasks of modern composition and the fine details that designers demand in creating their products.

    • We start strong where others struggle…

    Experience demonstrates that how orders are billed and accounted for is the pain-point for most online ordering systems. We have developed custom extensions to our open source software solutions to validate, track, account and report orders in a flexible manner. How work is accounted is often the first question in consultation and the reason we are called in.

    • Print excellence…

    The print-on-demand solution we tailor to our web-to-print is quality focused. Our main output engine is our HP Indigo 5900, but our arsenal also includes a genuine Heidelberg Speedmaster 52 to produces top quality lithography and is cost-competitive or cost-advantaged for as few as 500 press sheets. It’s a monster, and few printers in this arena have them at their disposal. For even larger print-on-demand programs, we have the heavy metal to produce the best quality print you can buy.

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